We Repeat the History

Syndicate Armoury is a Division of Indian Handicrafts & Textiles Syndicate which specializes in production and export of hand forged weapons like Swords, Axes, Tomahawks, Polearms. Etc. Plate Armours, Chainmails and other replicas of the Medieval and Renaissance eras are also manufactured.

Most of our items are handmade / forged by Artisans and Craftsmen.

Indian Handicrafts & Textiles Syndicate

Indian Handicrafts & Textiles Syndicate ahs been established since 1950. Today it is a Government recognized Export house. IHTS is a labour intense manufacturing unit catering to the needs of reenactors all over Europe, UK & the US.

Get Dressed for Battle

Get Dressed for Battle owned by Mr. Rai is defined as the most authentic reenactment brand recognized all over Europe, UK and USA. GDFB offers historically accurate replicas and good quality medieval reenactment products which includes Helmets, Costumes, Chainmails, Medieval & Plate Armours, Shoes, Weapons & other miscellaneous items.

Historical Reproductions GmbH

Historical Reproductions GmbH is subsidiary of "Indian Handicrafts & Textiles Syndicate" which is hub for all reenactors in and around Germany. It boasts of a warehouse consisting of an entire range of products. Historical Reproductions GmbH represents Indian Handicrafts & Textiles Syndicate at fairs held in Europe.